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MONTESSORI INSPIRED : Geography and History

Geography and History

History, geography, and biography-the
 history of people cannot be separated 
from the possibilities of environment in
 which it develops,and the leadership 
of its great men and women. 

Ithe beginning of each year the children are
 introduced to the study of humankind with 
stories, books, maps, posters, timelines 
and other research  inspirations. 

These subjects are also experienced
 subjectively in the classroom. For example,
 as the child learns about how different 
people obtain food, he learns to grow and 
prepare food. As he learns about clothing he
 may learn to knit or to make clothing or costumes.

 He studies the arts of other cultures 
while developing his own musical and 
other artists talents. And while studying
 the ethics and religions of other cultures
 he is exploring his own relationship
with friends, family and God. 

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