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MONTESSORI BIOLOGY : The Gifts of The Phyla

Gift of The Plants

The gifts of the Plants are oxygen, 
land, life, food, and energy.

Gift of The Protozoa

The gift of the Protozoa is a cell 
which is the basis of all living things.

Gift of The Porifera

The gift of the Porifera is a colony 
of cells which allows complex life.

Gift of The Cnidarias

The gift of the Cnidarias is the 
specialization of cells which allowed 
the formation of ectoderm and endoderm; 
this made a cavity to form a digestive system. 

Gift of The Platyhelminthes

The gift of the Platyhelminthes
 is the mesoderm which allowed
 muscles amd bilateral symmetry.

Gift of The Nematodes

The gifts of the Nematodes are blood and 
a tube body to allow for continuous digestion. 

Gift of The Annelids

The gifts of the Annelids are segmentation, 
hemogloblin and blood vessels.

Gift of The Mollusks

The gift of the Mollusks is an exoskeleton.

Gift of The Arthropods

The gift of the Arthropods is 
stiffened jointed legs to allow walking.

Gift of The Echinoderms

The gift of the Echinoderms is a cartilaginous 
endoskeleton which is the basis for bones.

Gift of The Fish

The gift of the Fish is a backbone.

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Gift of The Amphibians

The gifts of the Amphibians are the 
ears, lungs for breathing oxygen.

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Gift of The Reptiles

The gift of the Reptiles are the 
developed egg and inner body fertilization.

Gift of The Birds

The gifts of the Birds are the warm blood, 
care of the young and love.

Gift of The Mammals

The gifts of the Mammals are a free hand, 
stereoscopic vision and intelligence.

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