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GARDEN FLOWERS : Forget-me-not


 This plant is often used as ground 
cover - to cover the dirt underneath taller
 plants. Its leaves are covered with
fine hairs. The small flowers
can also be white or pink.


 This plant has drooping flowers. 
The inner petals have a bell and are 
usually a different shade to the outer petals.
 It is a bushy shrub, often grown in paths.

Evening Primrose

 The funnel-shaped flowers of this plant
 are scented, and they open in the evening.
The leaves are long, deeply veined, 
and have marks underneath.

Pasque Flower

  This plant has hairy, feathery leaves. 
The flowers can be white, pink,
 yellow or purple


 The Daffodil has six, flat petals and
 a trumpet-shaped cup. One flower grows
on each stem. It has strap-shaped leaves.

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