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MONTESSORI INSPIRED : Environments In The Home

 Environments in the home

There are two important things to keep 
in mind in organizing a child's environment
in the home. Have a place in each room for 
the few, carefully chosen child's belongings: 
By the front door a stool to sit on and
place to  hang coats and keep shoes. 

  In the living room a place for the child's books
 and toys-neatly, attractively organized. Think 
out the  activities and the materials for all
living spaces and  arrange the environment
to include the child's activities.


Don't have too many things. A few shelves with
baskets or trays holding toys that are being
used at the moment are sufficient. It is a good 
idea to rotate-taking out those books and
toys that have not been chosen lately and
removing them to storage for a time. 


Children grow and change and they
need help to keep their environment
uncluttered and peaceful. 

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