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The Story of The Universe

State of Matter : Solid

State of Matter : Liquid

State of Matter : Gas

  God's arrangement was wonderfully simple.
The blazing mass of the earth was made up of
 infinitesimal particles and it was they themselves
that would be transformed into rocks and water
 and air. The shape they took depended
 upon how hot or cold they were. 

Those particles, inconceivably small and
 all merged together, were whirling at a
fantastic speed. As they cooled, they moved
more and more slowly, clinging closer and
closer to each other and occupying
 less and less space.

Raw Imagination  Scour the night sky:  boundless, amaranthine, ceaseless,  comb clouds for candles, comets,  as the needlework shawl of evening  drops nimbly over distant hills.    See with me as my eye traverses,  clear and focused, to lucent slopes  carved as though by some incessant light; closer now  to darkened silhouettes of trees    under whose feathery boughs two children   stand gleaning the heavens, eyes lifted  in awe and raw imagination:    one with astronaut dreams of weightlessn...

 It is this law of God's which has given us
what we call the three physical states of matter:
everything we know is either a gas, a liquid
or a solidand which of the three it is at a
given moment, depends on how hot or cold it is. 

Why then, we may ask, are there such millions
and millions of different types of particles, each 
with its special instructions, each with a special
love for certain particles, each with its special
dislike for others. Just like human beings, 
they are attracted to some individuals, 
and refuse to have anything to do with others.
So they form themselves into different groups.

 Earth graphics
  Pinegreenwoods Montessori