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This striped fish has long fins that 
look like feathers. Its spines can sting 
an attacker with poisonous venom. 
It is sometimes called a lionfish.

Who am I? 


My body is similar to that of an eel. I am 
about three feet long, with dark designs 
on my gray coloring. I am carnivorous and 
can be found in the swamps of Africa. 
During the dry season I live buried in the 
mud  and breathe with a swim bladder
 that functions like a human's lungs.

Who am I? 


I am possibly the world's largest 
bony fish, measuring up to fourteen 
feet in length. I prey on a wide range of 
smaller fishes, squids and crustaceans. 
I migrate over vast distances. My 
meat is good to eat an you find it 
canned in the grocery store.

Who am I? 

Smalltooth Sawfish

The nose of this fish is like a hard saw 
with many teeth. It uses its saw to
 slash through small schools of fish, 
stunning or even killing its prey.

Who am I? 

Porcupine Fish

This fish is covered with spines. 
When it is scared it swallows 
air to puff itself up. sometimes 
it puffs so much, it blows up!

Who am I? 


Most of the time I live in the northern seas 
where I feed. In the spring I migrate to the
 rivers and swim upstream to spawn in fresh 
water. I am most commonly found in the 
Volga River in Russia. People consider my 
eggs to be a delicacy. they are called caviar.

Who am I? 

Smooth Hammerhead

This strange looking shark has an
 eye and a nostril on each end of its 
hammer-shaped head. This fish often
 weighs one thousand pounds.

Who am I? 


This long, slender fish can grow 
to be thirty feet in length. A long fin
 shaped like an oar runs along the 
entire length of its body.

Who am I? 

Sea Lamprey

This snake-like fish has a sucking
 mouth and a rough tongue. Some of 
these fish suck blood but others
 suck in worms and small animals.

Who am I? 

Lesser Electric Ray

This is a flat fish. it lives at the
 bottom of the sea, hiding in the 
sand or mud. It can give an electric 
shock if it is touched by an enemy.

Who am I? 

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