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MONTESSORI BOTANY : Parts of The Roots


The root is usually the underground part 
of the plant. The root serves as support for
 the plant. The root  draws food and water from 
the surrounding soil. The root may store food.

Root hairs

Root Hairs

The root hairs are thin, hairlike outgrowths 
of a root. The root hairs absorb water
 and minerals from the soil.

Root Caps

 The root caps are groups of tiny cells 
which grow at the tips of roots.
Root caps are spherical in shape.
The root caps help to protect the root
tip from the roughness of the soil as
roots grow in search of water.

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Primary Root

The primary root is the largest part of the root. 
The primary root is usually located directly 
 below the main stem of the plant. The primary
 root is the main path from the smaller roots
 to the stem. Sometimes the primary
root stores food for the plant.

Secondary Root

The secondary roots are roots which
branch off from the primary root.
Secondary roots grow down at an angle.
Secondary roots serve as a pathway
for food and water from the root 
hairs to the primary root.

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