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MONTESSORI INSPIRED : Motor-Sensorial Experiences

Motor-Sensorial Experiences

 We do not give long verbal explanations
 since the child is at the motor sensorial period
 of life.Not until the age of six or seven when 
the imagination reaches beyond the limits 
of the senses, is the child interested in 
explanations over hands-on experiences. 

 At this age we give what we are called 
sensorial keys-rocks, globe, puzzle maps
 and land forms, pictures of the sun, moon,
 planets, and a few constellations and 
cloud formations to go along with 
experience with these materials. 

It is not until the age of six and beyond, 
when the child has a different of mental 
approach to learning, which is centered 
around the imagination, that we give
explanations and details about subjects
 which must be studied with the imagination,
 such as planets, and the inside of 
the earth, and so forth.

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