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Geometry and Math

The study of math and geometry as symbols on
paper arose from a very real objects these studies
become dry and meaningless. Children naturally 
have an interest in all aspects of mathematics, 
weight, order, systems, series, time, 
quantities and symbols, and so forth. 

Intro to Stamp Game

We can serve the development of the
mathematical mind by feeding this interest, 
giving sensorial experiences first, and only 
then their representatives on paper.

 The sensorial math materials  are ingenious,
but the real value of "Montessori math" is the
support of the natural love of math concept 
and activities that occurs early in life.

 These activities include: counting, sorting, 
classifying objects, experiences with series
 of sizes and colors, weighing and measuring, 
carrying out housework such as dish washing, 
with many sequential, logical steps-these are
 activities that nourish the mathematical mind. 

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Pinegreenwoods Montessori
Montessori Inspired (3-6)