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MONTESSORI ASTRONOMY : The Solar System : Mars

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The Solar System


Mars is a planet of the sun.
Mars is a very cold planet. Mars has 
north and south poles made of frozen 
carbon dioxide. The frozen carbon
 dioxide changes size with its 
seasons. Mars is a solid planet.

Mars's Size

 Mars is one-third the size of Earth.

Mars's Atmosphere

Mars has a carbon dioxide 
atmosphere with some water vapor.

Mars's Moons

Mars has two moons orbiting it. 
The moons are called Phobos and 
DeimosPhobos and Deimos are
 asteroids that have been attracted
 by the gravitational pull of Mars. 

Mars's Orbit Around the Sun

Mars takes six hundred
 eighty-seven (687) earth days to 
orbit the sun. Mars takes nearly 
twice as long as Earth to orbit the sun.

Mars's Distance From the Sun

Mars is the fourth closest 
planet to the sun. Mars is
 between Earth and Jupiter.
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