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MONTESSORI INSPIRED : Manipulative Materials

Montessori Math Positive/Addition Snake Game

Manipulative Materials

 In the 3-6 class, children love to learn 
the quantities and symbols for numbers in
 the thousands.They often learn addition, 
subtraction, multiplication and division 
with the decimal system and with 
fractions, all simultaneously.

None of this work is required of the children,
but it is offered, presented with manipulative
materials to one child at a time-by the adult
and sometimes another child. there are no
teachers lecturing to a group of children who
are required to sit still and listen. The children
choose this work, and repeat each step with
joy and enthusiasm until they are ready
to move on to the next step. 

Another view of Stamp Game. The child is using it to multiply. This problem needs no regrouping, but if it did, she would trade tiles to arrive at the product.
 A child who is allowed to explore with 
real mathematical objects at an early, 
motor-sensorial age becomes a real math
 lover later in life. Math and geometry materials
 do not have to be expensive; they can be
 made of cardboard  cubes, strings of beads,
blocks, beans,  anything that helps the
child gasp the concept through her senses.

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