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MONTESSORI INSPIRED : Cooperation and Peace

Family Life

 At six, there is a great transformation
in the child, like a new birth. The child is
no longer interested in himself and
his family members but want to explore
society and the world, to learn what
is right and wrong, and to explore
meaningful roles in society.

The child of this age wants to know how
everything came to be, the history of the
universe, the world, humans, and why they
behave the way they do. He wants to be 
important, to learn to direct his
own life and learning.

Giving freedom and trust, he will
 explore, learn, and create in directions we 
could not predicted, and accomplish amounts
of work we would never have demanded. 
Elementary children can work together to
do research, plan and execute projects,
and to share them with other members of
the class who are interested.

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They learn to work in multi-ability groups,
making use of the interests and abilities
of all. This is excellent preparation
for adult life in a peaceful society.


Cooperation and Peace

 The child of age six to twelve is intensely
interested in fairness, and in all kinds of
interactions in his group. Peace begins inside
us, at home, at school. Beside setting example
we can give children ways to practice functionally
by means of manners and community service.

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