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"Jug-a-rum" is my deep call.
 I have a smooth yellow-green body 
and powerful back legs for jumping. 
I have a large appetite and have 
been known to eat small birds and 
young snakes. Mostly I like to sit in 
the mud on the edges of lakes and 
ponds waiting for my next meal.

Who am I?


 I am a small amphibian with spindly feet 
and long webbed tail. I like to spend 
lot of time in water. On land I walk slowly
I like to eat earthworms, slugs, insects,
and small crustaceans. I am found in 
parts of Asia, North America and Europe.

Who am I?


I have four legs. The two posterior
 legs are long and powerful, enabling 
me to jump. I can also use them to 
climb up on a leaf and stay on it. My 
feet are webbed and I have no tail.
 I have a slimy, naked skin. However, 
my young, called tadpoles, are born
 with long tails and no legs at all.

Who am I? 

Red Salamander

Look for me near springs and 
cold brooks. I am about four inches 
long and have a bright red body 
flecked with many black spots. My
 color fools predators into thinking I am 
poisonous newt so they leave me alone. 
I may look like a lizard, but my skin
 is smooth and I have no claws.

Who am I?

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