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Black spots scattered perfectly
All over your gorgeous red cloak...
Oh, Ladybug flying so classy.
Of all the bugs present in my garden
You are my favorite, undoubtedly!

Patrick A. Scott

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Days of the Week

 The week is a division of time that 
includes seven days (Sunday, Monday, 
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 
and Saturday). We are not sure of how
 this division came to be, but the ancient 
Hebrews were among the first to use the
 division. The ancient Egyptians named each
 day of the week for one of the planets. The
 Romans named the seven days after the 
sun, the moon,and five planets.

Pinegreenwoods Montessori 
  Montessori History

MONTESSORI HISTORY : Days of The Week - Sunday


Sunday is the first day of the week. 
It was named after the Latin word "Salis djes," 
meaning "Day of The Sun." The French call it 
 "dimanche."  The Spanish call it "domingo." 
Both the French and Spanish derivation came
 from the Latin word, "dies dominica," which 
translates to "Lord's Day." For Christian
 peoples, it is the day set aside for rest and
 for worship of God. In English Sunnandaeg
 (Day of the Sunbecame Sunday.

Pinegreenwoods Montessori 
  Montessori History


MONTESSORI HISTORY : Days of The Week : Monday


Monday is the second day of the week. 
The Anglo-Saxon named it Monandaeg 
(Latin word : dies Lunae) or "Moon's Day". 
Monday was scared to the Goddess of the
 Moon.  The French name for Monday
 is "Lundi."  The Spanish name is 
"Lunes." In English Monandaeg
 (Day of the Moon) became Monday.

Pinegreenwoods Montessori 
  Montessori History


MONTESSORI HISTORY : Days of The Week - Tuesday


Tuesday is the third day of the week. 
The name originated from Tiu or Tiw
an old Anglo-Saxon from Tyr, name of 
the Norse God of War and the Sky. 
 The French name for Tuesday is 
"Mardi."  The Spanish name is 
"Martes." In English Tiwesdaeg
 (Day of Mars) became Tuesday.

Pinegreenwoods Montessori 
  Montessori History

MONTESSORI HISTORY : Days of The Week - Wednesday


Wednesday is the fourth day of the week. 
Wednesday was named after Woden, the 
chief of Anglo-Saxon Tuetonic God. Woden 
is the leader of the Norse God of the Wild 
HuntHe is identified with the Norse Odin. 
Germans called it Woden's Dayand 
it eventually evolved to Wednesday. 
 The French name for Wednesday is 
"Mercredi." The Spanish name is 
"Miercoles." In English Wodendaeg 
Woden 's day) became Wednesday.

Pinegreenwoods Montessori 
  Montessori History

MONTESSORI HISTORY : Days of the Week - Thursday


Thursday is the fifth day of the week. 
Ancient  Norseman considered this day
 sacred to Thor, the Tuetonic God of Thunder
 and lightening. The name Thursday means
 "Thor's day." Thor is represented as riding
 a chariot drawn by goats and weilding the
 hammer Miolnir. The French name for 
Thursday is "Jeudi." The Spanish name
 is "Jueves." In English Thoresdaeg 
(Thor's day or thunder 's day) became Thursday.

Pinegreenwoods Montessori 
  Montessori History