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Beautiful colors reflecting in a lake.
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 Long ago, long, long ago
When all was darkness deep and low
The voice of God called forth the light
To split the curtain of the night
Then what was night in darkness lay. 


  Then God divided earth and sea
And marked the place where each should be
With mountains rising high and steep
And oceans spreading wide and deep. 


 Then God called seeds to sprout and grow
And all the flowers that we know
The trees and grass both great and small
Blossomed when they heard His call. 

 Then God said,"let the darkest nights
Be filled with tiny glowing lights"
He called the sun to light the day
The moon to keep the dark away. 

 Hawaiian Akepa, rare & smallest of the Hawaiian forest birds. Males brilliant orange plumage takes four years to develop.  by Jack Jeffrey

Then God called all that swim and fly
The creatures of the sea and sky
And all the creatures of the land
Where shaped and formed
by God's good hands. 


When all was done God loved it all.
The dew drop and the waterfall
The timid creatures and the strong
The robin and the thrush 's song. 

Spring rain

 He searched the sea and sky above
To find one who would share His love
When none was found His plan unfurled.  
 God made a man to share His world
He made a man and  woman too
To share His world so bright and new; 

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To love the earth, the sea and the sky
The creatures, fish and birds that fly.
God gave them all to show
His special love long, long ago. 

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