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The Story of The Universe

 Rapidity of Cooling

 As the gases of which the earth was formed 
cooled down, they obeyed the laws God had
given them. One after another, at the appointed
temperature, they became first liquid, and then
solid, and as they became liquid or solid their
 particles would join the other particles to which
they were attracted and form new compounds 
substance. The heavier substances
attracted those which were lighter.

When you throw a stone into a pond
it sinks to the bottom. Similarly the heavier
liquids sank towards the center of the earth's 
ball, and those that were lighter floated above
them like oil floating on water. Thus, they
arranged themselves in layers according to
their weight, but all of them were attracted  to
 the heaviest in the center, and to this day each
layer is still pushing on the layer below it.

 While this is going on, and each group 
of elements that had joined together was
obeying the special laws God had given it,
 the whole earth which they formed was 
also obeying His laws and continuing
 to spin on its course around the sun.

  As the surrounding gases cooled slightly,
the boiling liquid also began to cool and thicken
 into a paste. The liquid at the center remained
intensely hot, but it was pushed on all sides by the
enormous weight that lay over it, one compound
on top of another. It was nothing like cool enough
to turn into a solid, but all the same it began to solidify
because of the sheer pressure  of the upper layers
were semi- solid pastes, others remained liquid,
 all pushing against one another with all their might.

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Sometimes a mass that was pushed on two sides
 found itself squeezed on top of its neighbors,
and in this bonding process hollows might be
 formed which were immediately filled with
liquid, Above it all stretched
a sea of flaming gases.

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