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MONTESSORI INSPIRED : Astronomy To Geology

   Astronomy To Geology

 As in all areas of this elementary curriculum 
Earth Sciences-physics, chemistry, etc., begin 
with the overview and progress to the details

.The child learns the functioning of the
galaxies, the universe, then solar systems, the
 formation of Earth, seasons, natural wonders, 
the weather, the rocks and minerals, etc. 

As he learns about the discovery of
 these things in the past he participates 
in the discovery by means of 
experiments in all areas. 

outer space the universe journey 1920x1200 wallpaper

Beginning at age six, physics, chemistry,
 and geography, and so on are introduced 
and they continue until the end of the
elementary class at age twelve.

 Each year the child sees more
interrelationships between these areas
 because lessons and experiments are
 going on all the time at all levels. 
Older children often come to 
lessons given to their elders. 

Because the child at this age is very
 interested in using his imagination, we
 also give him the mythology of the world by
which humans have explained natural laws.

 He develops language skills by 
the study and written expression of this 
work, and math and geometry come alive 
as tools to measure these discoveries. 

The teacher does not require specific work,
 but guides the children as individuals or 
self-formed small groups in doing research
 following their own interests, and in creating 
and finishing research projects and in 
finding a way to express them. 

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