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 I am a living fossil tree and my name 
means"golden apricot" in Japanese.
I am easy to spot,even far away, because
my leaves look like small umbrellas and my
branches stick straight out from the trunk.
In the autumn, my leaves turn bright yellow
and all fall to the ground on the same day.

Who am I?  

Oak Tree

 I am a large tree with a strong trunk.
I am a symbol of strength for many people.
Squirrels and chipmunks are found of my capped,
fruit-like seeds. They collect and store them for
the winter. These animals do a great job for me,
because some of their buried food become
new trees in the forest each year.

Who am I?  

Weeping Willow Tree

 I am a lovely, sleepy-looking tree.
My leaves are  light green, long and slender
and sway in the wind. My roots are shallow.
My branches bend easily and people have made
baskets out of them for thousands of years.

Who am I? 

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  You have most likely never seen me .
I am a strange-looking, cone-bearing desert
plant that grows in southwestern Africa.
My leaves look like straps of leather,
are wide and trail on endlessly for many
yards. My root and stem are special
water storage organs.  

Who am I? 

Douglas Fir

 Hans Christian Anderson wrote a very sad
Christmas tale about me. I am a con-bearing,
very tall and straight treewhose trunk was
used as masts on the tall ships of old.

Who am I?  

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