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I am loved for my strong sweet smell
which I release at night. I smell so
strongly in order to attract moths
to come to feed on my sweet nectar.

Who am I?  


 I am a spotted bell-shaped flower
that comes in many colors. I am a popular
choice in English garden and also grow wild
in the woods. I am a favorite food source for
bumble bees. If you are still not sure of my
name, remember that in the story, Jemima
Puddle duck discovered a fox sitting on
a stump surrounded by me.

Who am I? 

White Clover

 Bees love my purple or white flowers.
My greenery has three leaves, but if you sit
quietly and look and look, you can find one
of me that has four. Some people think
this will bring you luck.

Who am I? 


 My flowers look so beautiful and flat,
they could be part of a wallpaper.
My flowers come in all colors and
my tall, sturdy greenery are part
of many perennial gardens.

Who am

Evening Primrose

 Primula is my real name. I am the first
flower that opens in the spring on the
European continent.  I come in all
colors and am a much loved plant of
many gardeners. My large leaves and
sweet blossoms open in the early evening.

Who am I? 

Yellow Buttercup

 I probably am growing in the shady areas of
your backyard. Your parents and grandparents
played  this game with me. Put my flower right
under someone's chin. If there is a reflection
of yellow from the flower, it shows
that they like butter.

Who am I? 

Image result for prickly pear cactus

Prickly Pear Cactus

   Watch out for me, for I am sharp!
My spines protect me from all the animals who
want to drink the water. I store while growing
in the hot desert sun. I surprise many people
with my splendidly colorful flowers. Many
people eat me as a vegetable or even
make me into a sugary candy.

Who am I? 

Image result for dandelion


 Every part of my plant is edible: the root, 
stem, leaves and flowers. I am a very useful 
plant. In Russia, they use me  to make an 
artificial rubber, but in this country, I am 
considered a pesky weed. You may have 
trouble weeding me from your garden 
because breaking my carrot-like taproot
 will make me grow a new plant. Some 
children make a wish and blow and if 
all my seeds fly off, they believe 
their wish will come true. 

Who am I? 


 My grass-like plant spreads through
rhizomes, underground roots that
send up new shoots every few feet.
 My name comes from when 
broom and how long my orange
 or yellow flower lasts.

Who am I? 

Sweetbriar Rose

  I am one of the old-fashioned variety of 
a bush which produces a flower used to 
symbolize love. My particular flower is 
always pink and sweet-smelling. I produce 
fruit called a "hip" which contains
one of the greatest sources
of vitamin C in the world.

Who am I? 


 Perhaps you have seen people wearing me
in their lapels. I come in all colors and am
a sturdy and long-lasting flower with a
pleasant odor. Though this is not my
only color, I am related to flowers
called "pinks". I am also edible.

Who am I? 


 My flower head grown on a long
stem and resembles to spearhead.
It is composed of many tiny flowers.
Butterflies settle on me to drink
nectar with their long tongues.

Who am I? 


 I have sword shaped leaves and showy 
flowers that make me a popular garden
plant. I am also popular with artists 
and have been famously painted by
Vincent Van Gogh and Monet.

Who am I?


 Because I grow on the Alpine mountain
slopes, I am adapted to cold, snowy conditions.
I am coated with white fluff which protects
me from the cold. I have a German name
and there is a famous song about me.

Who am I? 


 You would most probably not like my scent.
Unlike other flowers I am rot sweet-smelling.
I smell and look, just like rotting meat.
This attracts flies who visit me
to lay their eggs on me.

Who am I? 

Sea Bindweed

  I like to grow along the dunes of
sandy beaches. I am a creeping plant,
recognizable by my pink flowers
with white stripes.

Who am I? 


 I am a popular choice with gardener
because of my brilliant colors.
My sepals are different in color
to my bell-shaped petals,
which hang with my long stamens
pointing to the ground. I like to grow,
shady parts of the garden.

Who am I? 

Yellow Water Lily

 I am named after my color and where I
grow. You may mistake my brightly-colored
sepals for my flower head. However,
my short petals are in the middle,
surrounded by the sepals.

Who am I? 


 I am the largest flower in the world and
measure up to a metre (3 feet) across.
I grow in the jungles of Borneo and
South AsiaMy scent is a rotting fresh
which attracts flies to come and visit me.

Who am I?

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