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I have no legs but I do have 
many vertebrate which help me slither
 along the ground. I have a large mouth 
with which I gorge huge prey without 
masticating. Later I digest slowly. Those
 in my family living in temperate zones 
hibernate in the winter, while those living
 in torrid zones aestivate in the summer.

Who am I? 


My skin has leathery scales that are 
horny and ridged along the back. I
have a long, flat head with strong jaws 
and sharp teeth. My short, sturdy legs 
allow me to move rapidly on land and 
my massive tail is used as a rudder
 making me a strong swimmer. I live 
in warm, moist areas and when
 the rivers are dry, I aestivate.

Who am I? 

Collard Lizard

Some people call me a "mountain boomer".
I live in the Southwest United States and
 can often be spotted atop a favorite basking
 rock. When frightened or hunting grasshoppers,
 I leap from my perch and run on my hind legs
 like a little dinosaur! Look out, I bite hard. 
A bright ring around my neck gives me my name.

Who am I? 


I am an animal with a strong shell 
that covers my whole body. My upper 
shell, called a carapace, has opening
 for my head, legs and tail. Like all 
reptiles, I am covered with scales. I eat 
large quantities of insects, as well as
 land and aquatic plants. i have no 
teeth but my jaws cut like scissors.

Who am I? 


I have a long tail. My skin can be
 many colors and sometimes I can even
 change its color. I do not like heat and
 I must always keep my skin moist. 
Often I live under rocks and logs.

Who am I? 


My body is completely covered with 
shiny scales. I have four short legs 
and long tail. Many members of my 
family have the remarkable ability to 
change their color, blending with the 
immediate surroundings. If I am caught 
by my tail, I can abandon it and 
grow another. In winter I hibernate.

Who am I? 


I am very dangerous! If you startle me, 
I will coil my body and open my mouth 
wide, ready to strike. Fish, baby alligators,
 other snakes, birds, and small mammals 
are what I like to eat, but try to pick me up
 and I will bite you,too. The inside of my
 mouth looks a little like cotton. Don't 
try to get close enough to see.

Who am I? 

   Pinegreenwoods Montessori 
  Montessori Riddles