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I am beautiful! I look like a bride with 
a huge veil that keeps me afloat in 
the middle of the sea. I am so pretty 
that you always want to take me
 into your hands. But be careful 
because I sting like a nettle! 

Who am I? 


I am very plentiful in all seas and
 particularly along the Atlantic shoreline
 where I bury myself in holes along the
beach. Sometimes you can see my holes 
at low tide or collect my empty shells. I
 taste very good in soups and chowders.

Who am I? 


I look like a star but I am not. 
I have a mouth and five strong arms 
that can, even underwater, open a clam 
which I can then eat. If I lose an arm, 
another will grow in its place. When
 I die and dry out, you can find and 
collect me along the beach.

Who am I? 


My body is protected by a very hard
 shell. I have two big claws and eight legs
 which can be used for walking forwards or
 backwards. If one of my leg is lost, I can 
grow another. Because I am so good to
 eat, many people like to catch me.

Who am I? 


I live attached to rocks with many 
other like me. My body is full of little 
holes through which water brings 
my food. In this way I am nourished.
 when I am dead you can use me 
to wash a table or your face.

Who am I? 

Hermit Crab

I like to live on the sandy bottom 
of the Atlantic Ocean. My stomach 
is soft, so to protect myself I have to
 live inside the old shells of snails and 
whelks. As I grow, I have to move to 
larger and larger shells. I have
 two antennae and two pincers.

Who am I? 

Spiny Sun Starfish

I look like a beautiful picture of the sun! 
But don't be fooled. I am a fierce predator 
that feeds almost always on smaller
 animals of my species. I move across 
the ocean floor with slender tube feet
 that reach ahead, attach to an object,
 and pull me forward.

Who am I? 

   Pinegreenwoods Montessori 
  Montessori Riddles