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A love of reading and writing comes
 about quite naturally for a child who 
grows up seeing other people tell stories 
and read, and who is often read to. 

A nightly ritual of family reading is
 a good way to make sure that there is 
time for all the great literature and poetry 
that you might want to read to your child.
Poetry brings more important elements
 into the child''s language: there is great
 increase in vocabulary when 
one delves into poetry.

Even in the simplest forms words are 
used that are not common in prose. The 
music of poetry gives greater pleasure 
and facilitates memorization. Reading
 will takes years and a child continues
 to need the inspiration of being read to.

 He needs to hear the correct 
pronunciation of new words, the
 increase of vocabulary, the intonation 
and beauty of voice and expression
 of an experienced reader. 

The child over seven is intensely 
interested in morals and heroes. 
Mythology provides a wealth of material
 for this exploration, and inspires discussion
 which will encompass the behavior in everyday
 life, in the family, the class, and society. 

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