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MONTESSORI ASTRONOMY : The Strata of The Atmosphere

Wallpaper light, sky, beams, clouds, from above, dark blue, evening, sea, people

The Strata of The Atmosphere

Wallpaper mountain, peak, stars, sky, night, light, snow


  The dense layer of the atmosphere in
which we live is called the troposphere.
It extends from the earth's surface to
a height of 6 to 13 miles. The temperature
of the troposphere decreases with increasing
height. It is a turbulent region of dust, clouds,
and water vapor; it gives us our changing weather.


  The layer of atmosphere extending upwards  
from the troposphere, less dense than the
troposphere, is called the stratosphere.
Air currents are strong in this region,
and dust and water vapor are absent.
(The conditions in this layer are
ideal for flying aircraft.)

Greek: "strato"-layer (spread out, laid flat)


  The region of the atmosphere above
the stratosphere is called the ionosphere.
It consists of layers of electrically charged
particles which are good conductors of electricity.
Its lower layer filters ultraviolet rays from the sun.


 The outermost region of the earth's
atmosphere is called the exosphere.

Greek"exo" - outside of.

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