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SEASHORE : Shore Birds




The Curlew has a long curved beak that is 
an unmistakable shape. It uses its beak
 to probe deep down in the sand for 
creatures such as lungworms. In spring
 the Curlew breeds in open grasslands,
but spends winter by the shore.

Black-Headed Gull

  This is a very common gull, which is seen
as often inland as it is on the coast. It nests
in colonies on marshes, dunes and in shingle.
Its head is dark only during the summer
months. It has a red beak and legs.

Ruddy Shelduck


 Flocks of Shelducks are a common sight 
in Europe. They often nest in old rabbit
holes in the sand dunes. They feed
on small mollusks in shallow water.

Ringed Plover

This bird is seen on sandy and shingle shores,
and also near estuaries in the winter.
it usually nests on shingle on the coast.
It also nests inland, though rarely.

Common Tern

 The Common Tern nests in groups on beaches
and sand dunes. It has long wings and long
tail feathers that can easily be seen when
it is flying. It dives to catch small fish.

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