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MAMMALS : Fishes




Gunnels live in cool waters and slide their
slender bodies between the rocks when they
live.They also live under seaweed and
under stones, on all kinds of shores.



 The Pipefish is common on muddy or
sandy bottoms. It eats young fishes and tiny
crustaceans. It can be very hard to see,
because it camouflages itself among
 seaweed or Eel Grass.


 The Founder is very common on sandy
or muddy bottoms.You can often see it in
shallow water. It eats small crustaceans.


 The Wrasse begins life as a female and then
becomes male with age. It eats animals with
shells, which it crushes with its strong
teeth. It lives in weedy ponds.

Sand Eel

 The Sand Eel lives in huge groups, 
called schools, close to the sea bottom in
shallow water, in the Eastern Atlantic.
Iburrows headfirst into the sand.

Rock Goby

The Rock Goby lives on rocky shores
in rock pools and under stones. Its eyes
are on the top of its head, so that it
can look out for predators.


The Clingfish lives under rocks.
 It clings to them with its strong sucker
fin. In the summer, you may see
pair guarding their eggs.

Sea Scorpion

 This fish is commonly seen in pools
on the shore and among seaweed.
It eats shrimp,small crabs
and also other fishes.

Molly Miller Blenny

 This fish lives in rock pools that are almost
bare of seaweed. It eats Acorn Barnacles that
are fastened to rocks. It bites off their limbs
when they come out of their shells.    

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