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SEASHORE : Soft-bodied Creatures



Common Cuttlefish

The Cuttlefish has a large soft body
 supported by a thick shell inside. The shell
 is called cuttleboneCuttlebones
are often washed ashore. 

Common Squid

 Squid are rarely found near the shore. 
They have ten arms and large , soft bodied
supported by an inside shell, called a pen.
You may often see pens washed ashore.

Plumed Sea Slug

This animal is common on rocky shores
on the middle shore, under stones.
It feeds on sea anemones.

Common Octopus

 This octopus lives among rocks and stones.
It is occasionally found on the extreme lower shore.
The tide has to be a long way out for you to see it. 

Limacia Clavigera

 This mollusk lives in shallow water.
Its body is usually white with red-tipped
frands, along its back. Its bright markings
warn predators that it tastes nasty. 

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