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SEASHORE : Two-shelled Creatures



Common Mussels

  Common Mussels are blue or brown 
and found on rocky shores and
estuaries. They attach themselves 
to rocks by thin threads. People
collect this kind of mussels to eat.

Razor Shell

  Razor Shells look like old-fashioned
 razor blades. The creature inside lives
buried in sand or mud, often as deep
as one meter. The two shells
 are hinged of one end. 

Heart Cockle

  If you look at the side of this shell, 
you will see a heart shape, which is
how it got its name. It lives in muddy
sand below the low tide level,
but may be washed ashore.

Virginia Oyster

The Virginia Oyster sticks firmly to rocks.
The shell often follows the shape of the
rock. It is found on the middle shore. 


Scallops move around by clapping their two
shells together, forcing water out behind them
 to jet themselves along. There are several
hundred species of scallops. 

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