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SEASHORE : Mammals



 Harbor Seal

 The skin tone of this seal varies, but adults
are always spotty. It lives in herds on sandbanks,
in estuaries. It is a fast swimmer and can dive down
under the water for up to twenty or thirty minutes.

California Sea Lion

This animal lives off the shores of the
Pacific coast of North America. It swims
by moving its forearms. When its
coat is dry. It is light fawn.

Common Dolphin

The Common Dolphin has a long slim body and
a narrow nose, called a beak. It is a fast swimmer.
It swims in large groups, called schools, and is
very playful, often jumping right out of the water.


Common Porpoise

This animal is a small whale that has teeth
and a blue nose. It often swims near the coast in
schools. It eats squid, herring and other small fish.

Gray Seal

 The Gray Seal lives in small herds on
rocky shores. It rests on land at low tide
and at sunset, but it also sleeps in the water.

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