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MONTESSORI BIOLOGY : Phylum Foraminifera


Phylum Foraminifera

Foraminifera are water organisms.
Foraminifera have porous shells called tests.
The simplest foramminafera have tests of
a single chamber which looks like a half-sphere
with needles sticking out. Most foraminifera 
have many chambers. Most of the shells are 
made from calciumcarbonate from the sea
water. Some shells are made of sand grains. 

The colors of the foraminifera are often
bright red, yellow-brown or pink-orange.
Cytoplasm from the cell of the foraminifera
can project along the test. The cytoplasm 
forms a podia which is used for movement. 
Foraminifera form a great deal
of sediment on sea floors.

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