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Layers of The Earth


The earth's crust is made up of
sedimentary, igneous, and metamorphic
rocks. It is from five to twenty miles thick. 
Most of the earth's crust is covered by oceans. 


The mantle is the layer of the earth
below the crust of the earth. The mantle
 is made of solid rock which is one thousand
eight hundred miles thick. It is very, very
hot and becomes increasingly hot as
it nears the core of the earth.

Outer Core

 The outer core is the layer of the earth just
 below the earth's mantle. The outer core is made 
up of melted metals. It is hotter than the mantle 
and is about one thousand four hundred miles 
thick. The heat results in the melting of the 
solid rock into magma. Magma moves through
the layers of the earth and bursts through
the crust of the earth causing volcanoes.

Inner Core

 The inner core of the earth is the
sphere-shaped center of the earth.
The inner core is made up of solid metal.
The distance from the edge of the inner
core to its center is a bout eight hundred
miles. The temperature of the inner core
is incredibly high at 9,000 F (5,000 C).

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