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MONTESSORI ASTRONOMY : The Solar System - Venus

The Solar System


 Venus is a planet of the sun.
Venus has thick, yellow clouds
 and fierce storms. Venus is similar
 in size to Earth, and the two planets 
are called "sister" planets. 
Venus is a solid planet.

Venus's Size

  Venus is slightly smaller than Earth.

Venus's Atmosphere

Venus has a carbon 
dioxide atmosphere. 

Venus's Moons

  Venus has no moon orbiting
 around it. Mercury is the only 
other planet that has no moon. 

Venus's Orbit Around the Sun

  Venus takes two hundred
 twenty-five (225) earth days to go
 around the sun. Venus is the second 
fastest planet orbiting the sun.

Venus's Distance From the Sun

 Venus is the second closest 
planet to the sun. Venus is 
between Mercury and Earth.

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