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MONTESSORI ASTRONOMY : The Solar System - Mercury

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The Solar System


Mercury is a planet of the sun.
Mercury turns very, very slowly. 
The side of Mercury facing the Sun 
is very hot. The side of Mercury 
facing away from the sun is freezing. 
Mercury is a solid planet.  

Mercury's Size

 Mercury (along with Pluto) is 
one of the smallest planets 
in the Solar System.  

Mercury's Atmosphere

 Mercury has no atmosphere.

Mercury's Moons

 Mercury has no moon 
orbiting around it. Venus is the 
only other planet that has no moon.

Mercury's Orbit Around the Sun

Mercury takes eighty-eight
 (88) earth days to orbit the sun.
 Mercury is the planet closest to the sun, 
so it does not take long for Mercury
 to go around the sun. Mercury 
orbits around the sun
faster than any other planet. 

Mercury's Distance From the Sun

Mercury is the planet
 close to the sun. Mercury is
 between the Sun and Venus.

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