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MONTESSORI ASTRONOMY : The Solar System - Earth

The Solar System


 Earth is a planet of the sun. 
Earth has a complex water  cycle with
 oceans that evaporate water into clouds.
 The clouds condense the water vapor into
 rain. The rain falls to the earth, and the 
water cycle  begins again. Earth is 
the only planet known to have life. 
Earth is a solid planet.

Earth's Size

Earth is about 18,000 miles
 in circumference at the equator. 
Earth is slightly larger than Venus.

Earth's Atmosphere

Earth's atmosphere is  mostly nitrogen
with oxygen and carbon dioxide.

Earth's Moons

 Earth has one moon orbiting
 around it. The moon is called Luna.
 Luna is very large compared to 
EarthThe Earth-Luna relationship 
is actually a two-planet system.

Earth's Orbit Around the Sun

Earth takes three hundred
 sixty-five (365) days to orbit the sun.
 The 365 days it takes Earth to orbit 
the Sun is called one earth
 year or simply one year. 

Earth's Distance From the Sun

Earth is the third closest 
planet to the sun. Earth is
 between Venus and Mars.

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