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MONTESSORI ASTRONOMY : The Solar System - Saturn

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The Solar System


 Saturn is a planet of the sun. 
Saturn has three rings made
 of rock and ice fragments.

Saturn's Size

 Saturn is 95 times the size 
of Earth. Saturn is the second 
largest planet in the Solar System.

Saturn's Atmosphere

 Saturn has an atmosphere similar
 to Jupiter's. The atmosphere 
consists of hydrogen, ammonia, 
methane, and other gases.

Saturn's Moons

Saturn has eighteen moons.
The largest moon is called 
Titan. Titan has its own 
methane atmosphere.

Saturn's Orbit Around the Sun

 Saturn takes thirty earth 
years to orbit the Sun.

Saturn's Distance From the Sun

  Saturn is the sixth closest planet 
to the Sun. Saturn is between 
Jupiter and Uranus.

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