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MONTESSORI ASTRONOMY : The Solar System - Uranus

The Solar System


 Uranus is a planet of the sun.
Uranus has a relatively calm
 atmosphere. In relationship to the sun,
 Uranus is tilted on its turning axis. 
Uranus is a gas giant. 

Uranus's Size

 Uranus is 15 times the 
size of Earth. Uranus is 
the size of Neptune. 

Uranus's Atmosphere

Uranus has a 
methane atmosphere. 

Uranus's Moons

 Uranus has five moons.

Uranus's Orbit Around the Sun

 Uranus takes eighty-four (84) 
earth years to orbit the sun.

Uranus's Distance From the Sun

 Uranus is the seventh closest
 planet to the sun. Uranus is 
between Saturn and Neptune.

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