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MONTESSORI ASTRONOMY : The Solar System - Jupiter

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The Solar System


Jupiter is a planet of the sun. 
Jupiter has a great red spot which
 is huge storm. Jupiter has two faint
 rings. Jupiter is made of gases and 
does not have solid matter. 

Jupiter's Size

Jupiter is 1300 times the 
size of Earth. Jupiter is the
largest planet in the Solar System.

Jupiter's Atmosphere

Jupiter's atmosphere is 
mostly hydrogen, ammonia, 
helium, and methane.

Jupiter's Moons

  Jupiter has twenty-four moons. 
Four of the moons are very large 
and are called Galilean Satellites 
for Galileo, who first discovered them.

Jupiter's Orbit Around the Sun

Jupiter takes twelve earth 
years to orbit the Sun. 

Jupiter's Distance From the Sun

 Jupiter is the fifth closest 
planet to the sun. Jupiter is 
between Mars and Saturn. 

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