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 The Climatic Zones

   The Frigid Zones

There are two frigid zones, but only the north
frigid zone is inhabited. The Eskimos live here.
In winter they build houses, called igloos, of
packed ice and snow. They fish and hunt for
their food. They hunt deer, bear, and seal.
They clothed themselves with the fur
of the animals they hunt. 

The Arctic has such low temperatures  that 
the ground freezes and prevents root growth;
thus forests cannot grow. It is hard to keep
warm enough in Arctic winter with its winds and
 snowstorms. In summer, however, the sun
shines for long  period each day. Temperatures
may go up to 40 degree Fahrenheit. 

 The birds sing. The Tundra seems
very beautiful. But even in the summer
the ground below the surface is still frozen.
Travel across the marshy Tundra is not easy in
the summer. The Arctic Ocean and the rivers
of the Arctic Islands give the people who live
nearby great amounts of food. The world's best
fishing grounds are  in  this area. Eskimos were
the first people in the world to build a dome
without any supports under it. 

 They are also famous as artists who make 
beautiful and useful clothing and tools.
The vegetation is very sparse and it grows
only during the months when the ice melts.
There are no big trees, but there are mainly
lichens and moss. As vegetation is very
sparse, there are very few animals,
mainly bears, reindeer, wolves.

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