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MONTESSORI GEOLOGY : The Sedimentary Rocks

Three Groups of Rocks

 The Sedimentary Rocks

  The sedimentary rocks are the most
interesting ones. They are formed at different
periods and,therefore,are in layers. They often
contain fossils and,therefore,are helpful to
the study of primitive life on earth. 

They also allow scientists to date
the age of the rock. The various strata
of these rocks are materials deposited by
wind, water, by chemical precipitations,
or by deposits of organic matter
(the skeletons of animals).

An easy experiment to illustrate
deposits left by water which evaporates: 
place salt in water; boil the water until it
evaporates, and the salt will remain.
There are many rocks of sedimentary origin.
For example:sandstone, chalk, clay, limestone.

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