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MONTESSORI THE GREAT LESSONS : The Middle Paleolithic Period

 The Coming of Humans

The Middle Paleolithic Period

In this period, the Neanderthal
(means man from Neander Thal
a valley in Germanyman appeared.
He was short and stocky with heavy brows. 
They had larger brains and lived in shelters 
and caves, had some form of speech
and conducted ceremonies. 
These men lived by hunting and
fishing. The most important animals
of this epoch were the woolly
mammoths and the cave bears.

Inter Glacial Period of Riss-Wurm

Human Remains

Bones of a small, stocky man
 with very prominent eyebrows. Named
 "Neanderthal Man." 
His remains found everywhere.

Tools and Culture

 The stones were better worked.
They were used for cutting and scraping. 
With these stones, they broke bones for 
eating marrow and dug roots of plants for 
nourishment. They made awls, tools of
 bones, and attached triangular stones to 
sticks to use as spears. They protected 
their bodies with skins joined with thin 
animal tendons. These men wore 
necklaces, buried their dead, possessed
 a language, and lived by hunting. 


  Caves and natural refuges.


 Reindeer, elephants,
hippopotami, cave bears, etc.


The same as the preceding period.

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The Coming of Humans