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MONTESSORI INSPIRED : Spelling Dictionary


 In Montessori classes the child constructs
 his own "spelling dictionary" of those words 
which area part of his individual writing
 vocabulary. Whenever a child comes to you
 for the spelling of a word, or if he asks you
 to check the words he has written and you
 find some misspelled, write these words
 in his spelling dictionary-words beginning
with "a" in the "a" section and so forth. The
 next time he wants that word he will
 be able to find it in his own book.

Eventually he needs in a regular 
dictionary and add them to his own 
book. The children can have spelling
 tests among themselves to learn their own 
particular words. You will soon find that 
there are not so many words the child needs
to learn to spell, and those will be the ones
 he always use. This will gradually give the 
child confidence to use more varied words. 
Because they will be in hos own book 
and his writing  vocabulary will grow 
by leaps and bounds.

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