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MONTESSORI THE GREAT LESSONS :The Lower Paleolithic Period

 The Coming of Humans

The First Inter Glacial Period

Man appeared on the earth during a glacial
period. Though he was the weakest of all the
animals, he possessed something denied the
other animals. He had a greater intelligence,
 imagination, and the power to reflect. He could
also control and change the environment.

 The first men who lived in this
First Inter-Glacial Period were called 
Hominids because they did not look like men. 
They were related to Australopithecus
and seemingly lived in Africa.

Inter Glacial Period, Gunz Mindel

Human Remains

  Very few.These men are related to
a creature which was given the name 
"Australopith ecus" and seemingly
 lived in AfricaHe had an erect posture
and was called "Hominid." 


 Almond-shaped stones were 
found everywhere, but it is difficult
 to establish whether these are 
natural or the work of men.


 Trees and caves 


Saber-tooth tigers, meridional 
elephants, Etruscan rhinoceroses,
lions, bison, etc.  


About like that of today-
big trees and many bushes.  

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The Coming of Humans