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Acrylic Painting Elephant Seals in the by SharonsCustomArtwork

See how he dives from the rocks with a zoom!
See how he darts through his watery room
Past crabs and eels and green seaweed,
Past fluffs of sandy Minnow feed!
See how he swims with a swerve and a twist,
A flip of the flipper, a flick of the wrist!
Quicksilver-quick, softer than spray,
Down he plunges and sweeps away;
Before you can think, before you can utter
Words like "Dill pickle" or "Apple butter,"
Back up he swims past sting Ray and shark,
Out with a zoom, a whoop, a bark;
Before you can say whatever you wish,
He plops at your side with a mouthful of fish!

-William Jay Smith

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