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MONTESSORI INSPIRED : Vocabulary Cards-Reading


  When a child first begins to recognize 
the sounds of letters in groups-words-he is
 doing this silently in his head. Saying these 
words aloud complicates the process, 
especially if someone is listening. So a child
 is not asked to read aloud in the beginning.

To give him practice with this new,
 exciting single-word skill, the child is given
 groups of picture cards, pictures of objects for 
which he already knows the names. He reads
each label and matches it to the picture. Then 
if the names of the objects have been written
 on the back of the picture cards, the child
 can turn the pictures over to see if 
he has placed the labels correctly. 

Children love reading and checking 
their  own  work and will repeat over and
 over again till they get it exactly right. 
Hundreds of meaningful words can be 
added to the child's reading vocabulary
 in this way. Just as with giving spoken
 vocabulary, the most important words to 
give the child when beginning to read 
are labels of the common objects in the
 home. Then other objects of interest
such as shells, cats, toys,etc. 

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