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MONTESSORI THE GREAT LESSONS : The Lower Paleolithic Period

 The Coming of Humans

The Second Inter Glacial Period

 These were known as "true man".
They lived by hunting and fishing and
mostly ate raw meat. Their only tool,
a simple chiseled stone, was called
a flintstone. They walked 
with an erect posture.

 There were many mammals in this period,
including rhinoceros, elephants, hippopotami, and
saber-toothed tigers. During the warm periods,
 many types of trees developed. During the cold
periods, however, only the conifers developed.

Inter Glacial Period of Mindel-Riss

Human Remains

The remains of these very primitive men were
found in Javain Peking, and in Heidelberg.

The Man of Java was called
The Man of Peking was called
The man of Heidelberg was called
"Heidelberg Man" 

The first two lived in Asia, the last one in 
Europe.These men were familiar with fire. 


 Triangular-shaped artifacts of stone  


 Caves and natural refuges.


 Monkeys, donkeys, elephants,
lemurs, bears, wild horses, reindeer.


Many sequoias (redwoods) ,
tobacco, potatoes and guaninums. 

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The Coming of Humans