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POETRY PATH : A Memorable Friend

I once had a memorable friend indeed!
T'was a little green frog of pure breed.
Her home, she made it in a cranny in my garden bothy.
I decided, spontaneously, that I will call her: "Ms. froggy"!

Ms. froggy and I became friends at first sight!
We had a small talk every single night.
Before going to bed I'd wish her - "Good Night,
Pleasant dreams and sleep tight".

One night, surprisingly, she was not in her cranny.
I wondered:"Where else could she possibly be?"
I then called her name at the top of my voice to see.
Ms. Froggy!...Ms. Froggy!...Ms. Froggy!...Ms. Froggy!...

But nowhere could I spot Ms. Froggy.
She never came back home again.
I know, for a fact, I was to never see her again.
Goodbye Ms. froggy... Goodbye my friend!...

Patrick A. Scott

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