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MONTESSORI GEOLOGY : The Metamorphic Rocks

Columnar basalt (Akun Island in the Aleutians, Alaska)

Three Groups of Rocks

 The Metamorphic Rocks

 Metamorphism means to change form. 
Metamorphic rocks can form from
Igneous, sedimentary, or other metamorphic
rocks as a result of heat, pressure,
or chemically active fluids. 

This is lava called aa lava.  A a lava is one of the three basic types of lava.  It is a basaltic lava that has a rough or rubbly surface and is made up by broken lava blocks called clinker. -- Sophia George

When subjected to intense heat and
directional pressure, the rocks bend
into intricate folds.Metamorphism
occurs during mountain building,
magma contact, or faulting.

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