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MONTESSORI ZOOLOGY : External Parts of Cnidaria

The Coelenterate

Coelenterates are very simple
animals. Coelenterates are the first
animals to have digestive tract.
Their tentacles can sting badly.


 The body of a coelenterate is like a
hollow sac in which the food is digested. 
Some coelenterates have a cylinder-shaped
 body (hydras, sea anemones, corals); some
have an umbrella-shaped body (jellyfish); and
some have an oval-shaped body (sea gooseberry).


Tentacles are long, slender, hollow tubes
 around the mouth of the coelenterate.
Tentacles are waved in all directions
to catch passing animals.


Nematocycts are oval-shaped stinging cells
located in the outer layer of the tentacles
(jellyfish, hydras). Nematocysts contain
poisonous threads which paralyse the victim.


The mouth of the coelenterate is a large
opening through which the tentacles
push the food into the body cavity.


 -Pinegreenwoods Montessori
Montessori Zoology