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MONTESSORI BOTANY : Corolla - Indefinite Inflorescence


  raceme is an indefinite inflorescent in
 which there is a pedicel. The flowers are
 arranged along the axil. The flowers
first develop from the axil.


  corymb is an indefinite inflorescent  in  
which the pedicels are of different lengths.
The inflorescent forms a cluster of flowers
which is convex, or nearly level.

Latin corymbus-a cluster of flowers.

Simple Umbel

simple umbel is an indefinite
inflorescent in  which the axis is greatly
contracted. The pedicels appear to grow
from the same point. The pedicels are
of equal length. The inflorescent forms
a flat or rounded flower cluster.

Latin : umbrella - shadow.

Compound Umbel

compound umbel is an indefinite
inflorescent in  which each pedicel
bears a smaller or secondary umbel.



 capitulum is an indefinite inflorescent in 
which the axis is contracted. The capitulum
has no pedicels. The inflorescent is sessile
along the axis of the stem. The inflorescent
forms a round or flat cluster.

Latin : capitulum - a small head.


  Spike is an indefinite inflorescent
in which there are no pedicels. The
inflorescene is arranged sessile
along the axis of the stem.

Latin : spica - a wheat head


 The panicle is an indefinite
inflorescent in which the axis of the
inflorescent branches. Each branch
 forms a cluster of flowers with pedicels.

Latin panicula - a tuft of piants.


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