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MONTESSORI ASTRONOMY : The Solar System - Neptune

The Solar System

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Neptune is a planet of the Sun.
Neptune is very much like 
Uranus in size and atmosphere. 
Neptune is a gas planet.

Neptune's Size

 Neptune is 15 times the 
size of Earth. Neptune is
 the size of Uranus.

Neptune's Atmosphere

 Neptune has a 
methane atmosphere.

Neptune's Moons

Neptune has two moons.  

Neptune's Orbit Around the Sun

  Neptune takes 165 earth 
years to go around the Sun. 

Neptune's Distance From the Sun

 Neptune is usually the eighth
 closest planet to the Sun. Pluto has 
crossed Neptune'orbit, which makes 
Pluto closer to the sun than Neptune
Pluto will cross  Neptune's orbit again
 at the turn of the century. Neptune 
will again become the eighth 
closest planet to the sun. 

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