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POETRY PATH : Wintertime

Wallpaper trees, snow, traces, winter, sun, light

 Once upon a winter day
Gray clouds passed swiftly across the sky
As shapely snowflakes fell steadily down,
Covering the land in a dazzling white
Leaving a winter calling card on the ground.

Wallpaper spruce, snow, cover, winter

  Once upon a winter day
The snow-edged creek silently wept
Near the shadows of the tall pine trees
Trimmed in a glittering white lace,
Creating an impressive display in the breeze. 

Wallpaper snowflake, winter, macro, ice

  Once upon a winter day
Branches drooped to the impassable road
Due to the weight of the snow.
Icicles hung from the dormant trees
In view of the shattered daylight glow.

Wallpaper rose, bud, white, hoarfrost, snow, frost, winter

 Once upon a winter day
nothing is heard but rubbing tree limbs
And a stray dog faintly barking,
The vibrant sound of a frightened deer,
A broken tree branch suddenly falling.

Small Bird - Winter

Once upon a winter day
The distant snow-covered hills
Loomed in the path of the gloomy sky,
Where the northerly wind briskly growled
As chickadees and juncos fluttered by.  

              -Joseph T. Renaldi 

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